Targeted Growth, Inc. is led by a team of individuals bringing depth and breadth in biotechnology, agriculture, and business.

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Robert Woods



Chairman and CEO

Bob Woods is the Chairman and CEO of Targeted Growth, Inc.  Mr. Woods is a highly-respected leader of the global agriculture industry, having served in executive positions at several major ag chemical and seed companies, including Chairman of Syngenta Corp - US and Group President of Zeneca/ICI  Ag Products.  Mr. Woods is a past Chairman of Crop Life America (CLA) and the Council for Biotechnology.  He has received numerous industry awards including CLA's highest honor, the Lea S. Hitchner Service Award.   He currently serves on the boards of Gowan Company, Vertellus Specialties, Inc. and Athena Biotechnologies.


Margaret McCormick, Ph.D.

Margaret McCormick

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. McCormick has been with TGI since 2008, managing the company's R&D operations as well as leading various company-wide efforts including legislative and intellectual property strategy.  Prior to joining TGI, Dr. McCormick was a partner with Integra Ventures where she led Integra's biotechnology investment strategy and its investment in TGI.  Prior to joining Integra, she was the founding president and COO of Sapphire Therapeutics (formerly Rejuvenon Corp.). Earlier in her career she was a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Dr. McCormick earned a Ph.D. in Biology (with a focus on metabolic engineering) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


George Singletary, Ph.D.


Director of Trait Development

Dr. Singletary joined Targeted Growth in 2009 and leads the company's program for evaluation and advancement of agronomic improvements produced by TGI genes in major row crops.  His expertise in plant biotechnolgy derives from more than 24 years in R&D with some of the world's foremost companies in plant science, including Pioneer Hi-Bred, International (A DuPont Company), Zeneca/ICI, and Monsanto Company.  The core of Dr. Singletary's prior research centered on the genetics, physiology, and metabolism of seed development and how these factors can be controlled to improve the quality and productivity of agricultural commodities.  He has to his credit many peer-reviewed publications, two book chapters, and is co-inventor on 11 issued patents. Dr. Singletary earned his Ph.D. in Agronomy (Crop Physiology/Biochemistry) at the University of Illinois, a M.S. degree in Plant Physiology at Virginia Tech, and a B.S. in Biology at Western Illinois University.




Fernando Guillen-Portal, Ph.D.

Dr. Fernando Guillen-Portal

Director of Wheat Development

Dr. Guillen-Portal has been associated with Targeted Growth since 2006, initially leading the camelina breeding program at Sustainable Oils, a subsidiary of TGI.  Early in 2012 he officially joined TGI to lead the wheat tilling research program aimed at identifying specific, proprietary genes with positive impact in yield.  He has been involved in plant breeding activities for more than 10 years, developing superior products in both commercial (corn and wheat) and alternative (grain amaranth and camelina) crops.  Dr. Guillen-Portal's research focus includes the development of novel research approaches to better understand the impact of genotype and environment interaction in plant selection and to assess the response of cereal crops to biotic (weed pressure) stress using wholistic models.  He has several peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and is the inventor of 3 issued patents.  Dr. Guillen-Portal earned a Ph.D. degree and a M.S. degree in Agronomy (Plant Breeding and Genetics) from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and a B.S. degree in Agronomy from the Juan Misael Saracho Bolivian University.





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